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L2UFC Interlude0

  • Добавлено: 2019-03-10 11:52:10
  • Владелец: Егор Александрович
  • Сайт: http://l2ufc.ru/
  • Статус:
  • Язык: English
  • Геолокация: Russian Federation
  • Платформа / Тип: L2J MultiSkill
ставки сервера
  • EXP: 3
  • SP: 1
  • DROP: 1
  • ADENA: 1
  • Безопасная заточка: 3
  • Максимальная заточка: 50
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  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Пользовательские зоны:
  • Пользовательские оружие:
  • Пользовательские доспехи:
  • Offline магазин:
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Best server interlude Multiskill:Exp: x3 Sp: x1Drop: x1Spoil: x3Adena: x1Seal Stone: x3Quest Drop: х2Quest Reward: х1Raid Boss Drop: х1Epic Boss Drop: х1 Multiprof - consists of two words - multi (many) and prof (short for word profession), that is, many professions! As the name implies, we have the opportunity to learn absolutely any skills of absolutely all professions. Playing on a classic server, we often thought, if we had 1 or 2 skills from a different profession, we could move mountains and kill entire clans. To learn skills from other professions you only need SP.The main skills are Weapon Mastery (give a huge boost to the attacks) and Light Armor Mastery (give the speed of attack, caste, dodge, protect against chance and damage crit), and of course the limits. All these skills learn first and foremost, then to your taste and color. All the uniqueness of multiprofession can be understood if you try at least once!come to our server and you will feel the whole idyll of the multiprof game


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