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L2 Aeons High Five95

  • Добавлено: 2019-11-11 22:05:27
  • Владелец: L2Aeons
  • Сайт: http://l2aeons.com
  • Статус:
  • Язык: English
  • Геолокация: Bulgaria
  • Платформа / Тип: L2J Normal
ставки сервера
  • EXP: 30
  • SP: 30
  • DROP: 15
  • ADENA: 20
  • Безопасная заточка: 3
  • Максимальная заточка: 16
Хорошо знать
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Пользовательские зоны:
  • Пользовательские оружие:
  • Пользовательские доспехи:
  • Offline магазин:
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Server x30
A e o n S

Chronicles: Lineage II High Five Server

Server Rates:

Exp: x30
Sp: x30
Adena: x20
Drop: x15 Spoil: x15
Quests: x4 Hellbound/Manor: x10

Enchant System:

Safe +3
Max +16/+16/+16
Normal success: 50-55%.
Blessed success: 60-65%.

Server Commands:

.control: Control panel with ON/OFF options.
.password: Change password in-game.
Spawns NPCs in your Clan Hall,(Only clan leaders owning a clan hall can use that command).
Community Board(ALT+B): Gm shop, Buffer and many others functions.
.away and .back: Afk mode can be used only in a peace zones(Only for Premium Accounts).

Class Transfer:

Class professions do not need to make quest.
First profession: 10 000 adena.
Second profession: 100 000 adena.
Third profession: 1 000 000 adena.


Cloaks can be worn at any level, no penalty.
Olympiad period is 1 week.
No enchant limit on olympiad games.
Auto learning skills.
Subclass without quest.
Auto Events every hour with rewards.
Bonus reward for voting on HOPZONE/TOPZONE sites.
Command /unstuck 15 seconds.
Catacombs/Necropolis are open from start.
Sieges are every week.
The maximum number of windows from one PC is 4.
Auto HP/MP/CP.


Number of slots: 36.
Buff duration: 2 hours.
All buffs, dances, songs for character/pets.
Full recovery: MP, CP and HP.
Mana potion restore 1000mp, cooldown 7sec.

Epic Bosses:

Time respawn:
Valakas: (11days) 264 hours + random 2 hours.
Antharas: (7days) 168 hours + random 2 hours.
Baium: (5days) 120 hours + random 2 hours.
Ant Queen: (1day) 24 hours + random 2 hours.
Core/Orfen: (2days) 48hours + random 2 hours.
Baylor: (1days) 24 hours + random 5 hours.


Server protection:
Can bind account to HWID and Ip address.
Protection from Brutus (password guessing), all known IG / OOG emulators game client (like bots L2Walker, L2.NET), Packet manipulators (L2PacketHack etc.).
Anti-Dos and DDoS.

Web-site protection:

Anti-Dos and DDoS.
Protection against hacker break-ins.


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