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L2 EspadaWorld Vote! High Five9

  • Добавлено: 2020-03-08 09:26:39
  • Владелец: VastoLordes
  • Сайт: https://www.espadaworld.com
  • Статус:
  • Язык: English
  • Геолокация: Romania
  • Платформа / Тип: L2J Normal
ставки сервера
  • EXP: 100
  • SP: 100
  • DROP: 1
  • ADENA: 300
  • Безопасная заточка: 3
  • Максимальная заточка: 20
Хорошо знать
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Пользовательские зоны:
  • Пользовательские оружие:
  • Пользовательские доспехи:
  • Offline магазин:
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Wee are a Glad to annonce a new concept High Five 100x rates, Recently Opened . Special Thanks for all new players who will Come to US!!!



Exp: x100
SP: x100
Adena: x300
Drop: x1
Spoil: x1
Quest Drop: x30
Quest Reward: x10
Manor: x5
RaidBoss: x3
Party Bonus Rate: 2.00;2.20;2.40;2.60;2.80;3.00
Safe Enchant: 3
Safe Max Enchant: 20
Normal Scroll Enchant: 68%
Blessed Scroll Enchant: 86%
Element Stone: 55%
Crystall Stone : 55%


Boss: Ant Queen Respawn Delay: 24h. +- 2h.
Boss: Antharas Respawn Delay: 7d. +- 2h.
Boss: Valakas Respawn Delay: 10d. +- 2h.
Boss: Baium Respawn Delay: 5d. +- 2h.
Boss: Beleth Respawn Delay: 8d. +-2h.
Boss: Epidos Respawn Delay: 2h.
Instances: Normal Freya Required Players: 9
Instances: Hard Freya Required Players: 11
Instances: Frinteeza Required Players: 9
Instances: Zaken Daytime LvL-83 Required Players: 6
Instances: Zaken Daytime LvL-60 Required Players: 6
Instances: Zaken Nightly LvL-60 Required Players: 9
Instances: Tiat Required Players: 11
Instances: Beleth Required Players : 18


Maximum Clients per PC: 2
2h duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies.
Buff slots: 24Dance/Song slots: 12
Skills are auto learn
Automatic loot for monsters.
Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses.
1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena on Class Master NPC.Sub-Class FREE (Doesn't require Official Quest)
Certification skills FREE (Doesn't require Official Quest)
Auto Mana Potions: now working Restoration CP/HP/MP with 10 seconds cooldown.
Champion Monsters until Lv 75 (2% to chance to spawn)
Pride of Kamael buff is a SELF ONLY buff.
You CAN NOT delevel to less than 70 Level.
Control & click on an attribute or attribute crystal (adds them all together in 1 item)


.control: Character Control Panel
.stats: Shows exact information about character statistics
.getreward: Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting
.online: Shows how many players are online in game
.offline: Sets Offline Private Store
.repair: Repairing character located in same account
.password: Changing Password of your Account
.buffstore: Setup Offline Buffer Store
.buffshield: Protects you from unwanted buffs
.siege: Full siege information
.combine: Combine all talismans, into 1 with the total duration!
.ach/.achievements: Open Achievements Panel
.dressme: Change your visual texture appearance of Armor/Weapon/Cloak/Hat/Shield!
.report: Target a player you think is botting and punish him!
.pvp: Send you in area PvP no flag Area!
.pvp_1: Send you in area PvP flag Area!
.farm: Send you in area Normal Farm!
.farm_low: Send you in area Normal Low!
.farm_hard:Send you in area Normal Hard!


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