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L2Neftis Vote! High Five9

  • Добавлено: 2020-03-14 02:12:50
  • Владелец: neftis l2
  • Сайт: http://www.l2neftis.net
  • Статус:
  • Язык: English
  • Геолокация: Canada
  • Платформа / Тип: L2J Normal
ставки сервера
  • EXP: 10
  • SP: 10
  • DROP: 7
  • ADENA: 7
  • Безопасная заточка: 4
  • Максимальная заточка: 16
Хорошо знать
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Пользовательские зоны:
  • Пользовательские оружие:
  • Пользовательские доспехи:
  • Offline магазин:
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Server with more than 4 years of programingrate x10 No donations for gear all implement on game are retal a exception visual items System antibot L2SGuard high quality protecction all bots detecte get ban and without option to second chance Up grade S by adenanot easy everithing rlse by lod system game Crafting 3 subclass up 85 level Epic area are restricction by 1 mac balanced economy where the important to up is Dawrf Materials If you like Bots this is NOT your server BotFree community Random events every 2 h Olympiad every 15 days safe olys max 6 We wait for you and your friends Beta for 7 dyas and Live server 20 03 2020 at 2300hSpecial dedicate to all old system players Data center Canada i7 32GB SSD 100 GBps Buff 2h only can make on cities if you try buff outside city you CANT do 95 less bot system Algo have special are for glow weapons mounts Dressme all without change base stats of the game You can get special reward every 12 h from vote and big reward for global vote Come guys


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